Model : HRP3232, HRP5040, HRP5050, HRP8050, HRP10080

High pressure float regulators offer a simple, mechanical solution to expand refrigerant from the high to the low pressure side..


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  • Highest safety and no operation failures, because the High pressure float regulator acts solely mechanically.
  • Simple and robust overall concept of the entire refrigeration system without the need of additional cables or controls.
  • Efficient operation, because the refrigerant is passed from the internal float when needed. Therefore low condensing temperatures without additional controls can be realized.

In contrast to an operation with expansion valves neither subcooling of the condensate nor desuperheating of the refrigerant vapour at the evaporator outlet is required.

Due to an internal low pressure nozzle (except the HR1BW type) that connects the gas area of the inside with the outlet connection, a slight under pressure is present in the housing. Therefore it is possible to place the float regulator up to 3 m above and up to 30 m away from the condenser.

To select the right High pressure float regulator for you, you may use the selection program as a download on the right hand side

For the selection you will need:

  • Refrigerant
  • Condensing Temperature
  • Evaporation Temperature
  • Capacity


Download HR/HS Brochure

Download HR/HS Quick Start Instructions


Model : HR1, HR2, HR3 and HR4

There are four sizes of High pressure float regulators available

The float regulator housing may be equipped with different types of float balls:

  • type N-balls for refrigerants with low density, such as ammonia
  • type R-balls for refrigerants with high density, such as freons

Executions -H, -M, -L have different orifice outlet dimensions respective varying lever transmissions.

It is strongly recommended to use one high pressure float regulator for each condenser! See selection program for high pressure float valves for download.


Specially designed for heat pump applications is our float regulator of the WP model.

The housing is designed for a nominal pressure of 40 bar. The float is pressure relieved due to the opening at the bottom. Refrigerant is let into the housing from the bottom.

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