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Series GP can deliver up to 28m³/h or to 85m height. The GP is suitable for a large number of refrigerants and it comes with a service-friendly design using standard couplings. The standard coupling enables use of easy available regional standard flanged motors.

With its double shaft seal together with an oil barrier and a large oil-refill reservoir as well as a sight glass to check the oil level, it meets highest safety requirements, such as EN378. The double shaft seal is long-lasting when installed properly and is easy to replace.

The GP still remains the first choice for refrigerant pumps with flanged motor.


Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Ø Suction connection [DN] Ø Pressure connection [DN] Weight** [kg]
GP 41 521 234 524 40 40 57
GP 42 560 234 524 40 40 64
GP 51 592 284 607 50 50 96
GP 52 666 284 607 50 50 151
GP 82 777 284 724 50 50 174


GP refrigerant pumps are chosen whenever there is no need for hermetic pumps. They are suitable for a wide range of refrigerants.


Easy handling: 

Ease of maintenance design and fast delivery of spare parts ensures highest satisfaction of our customers all over the world



The robust design ensures highest operational reliability, even during short periods of gas intake into the refrigerant. The double shaft seal and the large barrier oil reservoir incl. sight glass to check the oil level complies with highest safety standards, including EN378.


Technically mature:

GP refrigerant pump with flanged motor has a proven track record of reliability and robustness earned over decades.



WITT GP refrigerant pumps are delivered from stock


Easy selection:

Volume flow and delivery head are sufficient to select your correct GP, either with the selection program “WITT select” or at a glance with our diagram. The broad operating range makes it easy to find a suitable pump.



The standard coupling of the GP pump enables the use of locally available standard motors. When used properly, the double shaft seal will provide a long service life and is easy to change. All parts are available on short-term and a refurbishment on site can be accomplished quick and simple. When it comes to longevity GP pumps are unrivalled.



  • Poultry slaughter house
  • Multipurpose refrigeration storage
  • Beer and drink industry
  • Industrial ice plants
  • Fish processing industry
  • Cold storages
  • Dairy plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food processing plant




  • GF counter flange
  • EA stop valve - suction and pressure side
  • ERA pressure-side stop/check valve
  • KS suction-side dirt filter


    Delivery head* max. [m] Pump capacity* max. [m³/h] PNMAX [bar] Motor capacity [kW]
GP 41 50 Hz 400 V 25 3.4 16 1.1
GP 42 50 Hz 400 V 48 3.6 16 2.2
GP 51 50 Hz 400 V 31 16.8 16 5.5
GP 52 50 Hz 400 V 65 16.8 16 5.5
GP 82 50 Hz 400 V 56 24 16 7.5

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