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 HRP Series refrigerant pump is hermetically sealed thanks to its integrated canned motor, and it delivers up to 66m³/h or to 70m height. It is suitable for almost all refrigerants and it can be used for high operating pressures of up to 65 bar. This is particularly important when using CO2.

Since the HRP was introduced for the first time it is constantly improved for an optimize operation within the industrial refrigeration. 

Thanks to its design, the HRP offers constant, reliable refrigerant delivery – even with varying pressures that occur when compressors are changing loads.


If the installation instructions are followed, the HRP is completely maintenance-free and long-lasting.



Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Suction connection Ø [DN] Pressure connection Ø [DN] Weight** [kg]
HRP 3232 425 260 250 32 32 43
HRP 5040 540 260 250 50 40 55
HRP 5050 520 310 315 50 50 83
HRP 8050 555 310 315 80 50 83
HRP 10080 725 355 325 100 80 117


HRP refrigerant pumps with integrated canned motor are chosen whenever a maintenance-free execution is needed or high operating pressures are required. They are suitable for nearly all refrigerants.


Easy handling:

WITT refrigerant pumps are designed solely for use in refrigeration systems and content:

• a integrated vent line

• top connections for escaping of gas proportions,

• opportunities for easy oil draining as well as

• a broad operating range.

There is no need for additional piping such as motor cooling lines or pipes for Qmin -or Qmax -orifices. Furthermore the HRP may be installed suspended, so that there is sufficient space for a condensate drip pan underneath the pump.



The stator can withstand high design pressure of up to 40 bars and the stator oil filling provides additional protection for the stator windings. The good delivery properties of the HRP make sure the volume flow is not interrupted by varying pressures (which cannot be avoided during load changes at the compressor). The pump keeps delivering dependably.



Hermetic refrigerant pumps do not require maintenance, but installation should be executed carefully to make sure there is always sufficient liquid refrigerant to lubricate the bearings and cool the motor. Too high gas intake, lack of refrigerant or operation against too high pressure will shorten a life time that is expected to be at least ten years.



WITT HRP refrigerant pumps are delivered from stock.


Easy selection:

Volume flow and delivery head are sufficient to select your correct HRP, either with the selection program “WITT select” or at a glance with our diagram. The broad operating range makes it easy to find a suitable pump. Additional equipment is not necessary, we have already thought of everything.


  • Poultry slaughter house
  • Multipurpose refrigeration storage
  • Beer and drink industry
  • Industrial ice plants
  • Fish processing industry
  • Cold storages
  • Dairy plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food processing plant




  • GF Counter flange
  • EA stop valve - suction and pressure side
  • ERA pressure-side stop/check valve
  • Motor protection relay


  Delivery head* max. [m] Pump capacity* max. [m³/h] PNMAX [bar] Motor capacity [kW]
HRP 3232 50 Hz 400 V 28 5.2 65 1
  60 Hz 460V 45 5.6 65 1.2
HRP 5040 50 Hz 400 V 35 13.2 25 2.2
  60 Hz 460V 50 13.9 25 2.6
HRP 5050 50 Hz 400 V 50 15 40 4
  60 Hz 460V 70 16.4 40 4.8
HRP 8050 50 Hz 400 V 50 30 90 4
  60 Hz 460V 70 35 90 4.8
HRP 10080 50 Hz 400 V 50 55 40 8.9
  60 Hz 460V 65 66 40 10.2


HRP hermetic refrigerant pump capacity curve


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