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Metalex Horizontal or Vertical high Pressure Receivers provide the main source of liquid refrigerant for a refrigeration system. It also provides a place to store refrigerant as needed to minimize the effect of system transients. In some system designs the high pressure receiver is also designed to store the entire system charge. This allows the system to be pumped down for maintenance.


The oil separators are used in all refrigeration systems where the compressor lubricating oil must return to the compressor sump. The oil separator ensures not only return of oil but also prevents compressor break down caused by lack of lubricating oil, increase compressor operating life, protects compressor from liquid hammer & cause better utilization of condensing & evaporative capacity because of no oil-gas collection. Metalex manufactures simple as well as demister type oil separators for all its compressors & also as per specific requirement of customers. All national & international standards are followed.

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