WITT oil management starts exactly where the largest amount of refrigerating machine oil accumulates in the refrigeration system. This is usually the lowest point of the separator tank for ammonia refrigeration systems. Here, the insoluble refrigerator oil is separated from the refrigerant due to the different densities while remaining in the separator. An application of WITT oil management is also possible with soluble refrigerating machine oils, eg in CO 2 refrigeration plants.

The BDP oil return unit is located at the lowest point in the ammonia separator and thus collects incoming refrigerant-oil mixture. Using hot gas, either the time-controlled or demand-controlled with an optional oil sensor, the refrigerant-oil mixture is ejected to a heat exchanger (WITT DWR). In the WITT DWR any remaining liquid refrigerant is evaporated. An optional oil filter at the DWR outlet ( WITT OF ) cleans the refrigerant oil before returning it to the compressor.

For refrigeration systems with several compressors, it is advisable to additionally use a HDB stainless steel oil collector for distribution to the compressors.

The above-mentioned optional components such as sight glasses, oil filters or level sensors can be found in the accessories .

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