The Metalex Air Purger is a simple, robust, high-capacity device that removes non condensable gases from the refrigerant vapor in a system. The unit operates by condensing foul gas (the mixture of refrigerant vapor and non-condensables) from one or more purge points, metering the purified liquid refrigerant back to the system through a protected suction connection, and venting the noncondensables to atmosphere.


Although only extremely small traces of refrigerant are present with the vented noncondensable gases and several safety components prevent the accidental release of pure refrigerant, it is recommended that vented gas be “bubbled” through a liquid reservoir or optional bubbler. The reservoir should be filled with water for ammonia applications, or oil for halocarbons. Due to the fact that halocarbon refrigerants are difficult to detect (compared to ammonia) it is recommended that a gas detector be installed near the non-condensable vent for added safety when the purger is applied to R-22 or other halocarbons

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