Hermetic Refrigerant Pumps


Model : HRP3232, HRP5040, HRP5050, HRP8050, HRP10080

Wherever the hermetic execution of a refrigeration system is required, e.g. due to local regulations, Hermetic refrigerant pumps of the HRP series are your best choice.


We supply the full range of accessories

  • Good delivery properties even at fast pressure reduction
  • Hermetic execution of the entire pumps design with integrated canned motor
  • Maximum safety, since the stator housing withstands the high nominal pressure of the pumphousing.
  • Maintenance-free special bearings that are cooled by the delivered refrigerant.
  • Integrated, internal vent line to the suction side eliminates expensive external vent piping on site! (Except CO2)
  • No extra orifices required! (Except CO2)
  • Also suitable for CO2 as refrigerant or evaporating coolant.

Good preparations are required for planning and designing of hermetic constructions. Hence, follow our instruction manual precisely.


Download HRP Installation and Operating Instructions

Download HRP quick start instructions

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