Pressure Vessels
High Pressure Vessels


Metalex Horizontal or Vertical high Pressure Receivers provide the main source of liquid refrigerant for a refrigeration system. It also provides a place to store refrigerant as needed to minimize the effect of system transients. In some system designs the high pressure receiver is also designed to store the entire system charge. This allows the system to be pumped down for maintenance.


Features :
  • Designed, fabricated, and certified to the ASME Code.
  • Manufactured for 15 Kg /CM2 working pressure and 30 Kg /CM2 test pressure.
  • Radiology of welding joints up to 10 %.
  • Post-weld heat treatment.
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting epoxy paint.
  • Customized sizes and sheet thicknesses as per specific requirements.
  • Use of Boiler Quality Steel.
  • Supplied with Metalex make heavy duty reflex type gauge glass, Isolation Valves, Duel Safety Valve, Drain Valve and Purge Valve on a sturdy steel base.

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