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HBGS fulfils the requirements for gas leakage measurement in accordance with F-GAS regulation EU/517/2014. HBGS detects
NH3 (R717) in a range of 25… 500 ppm. It is an independent unit that must be supplied with 24 V DC. It has 3 built-in digital alarm outputs and 1 analogue 4… 20 mA output. The sensor can be set up using a PC with the HB Configuration Tool.

The sensor differentiates itself from other sensors on the market by having a measuring head that remains stable in the longterm (thick film metal oxide semiconductor type). The sensor element can easily be replaced. On the front, you can find 4 integrated LEDs for display of the supply (green) as well as 3 alarm levels (red, orange, and yellow). Similarly, there is a reset button in case an alarm is triggered. The sensor is factory calibrated and does only require additional calibration in special applicationwith high gas concentration. The sensor is optimized for use in areas where cleaning solvent are used. Built-in heating element ensures low ambient temperatures down to -20 ° C.

The sensor comes with a calibration certificate as well as with preconfigured alarm limits.


The sensor element can easily be replaced after 5 years and requires no calibration.
  Integrated LED's for display of the supply (green) as well as 3 alarm levels (red, orange and yellow) 
  The sensor is factory calibrated and does not require additional calibration. The sensor comes with a calibration certificate as wellas with configured alarm limits
  Signal output for alarm light.  


Electrical installation

HBGS web 


HBGS drawing 



Power supply
Connection Terminals for cables
Power supply 24 V DC
Analog output 4...20 mA
Max load 500 ohm
Digital output, relay 3 x SPDT, 0,5A
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -20...+50°C
Protection degree IP20
Vibration IEC 68-2-6 (4g)
Mechanical specifications
Cabinet size 82x59x126 
Material Plastic
EMC test EN 61000-2
Alarm device - part number  Sounder Beacon
Alarm   can be configured with HB-tool
Alarm limits 25 to 500 ppm
Alarm A 400 ppm NO/NC (Main alarm acc. to EN378)
Alarm B 250 ppm NO/NC (Pre-alarm acc. to EN 378)
Alarm C 100 ppm NO/NC (Pre-alarm acc. to EN 378)


Measurement area ppm Gas Ordering code
25...500 ppm NH3 (R717) HBGS-NH3
Accessory for test and calibration Gas Ordering code
Part no. Service kit NH3 (R717) HBGS-NH3-ServiceKit
Part no. Sounder/flash light NH3 (R717) Sounder Beacon

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